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Aims and Scope 

Sociological Discourse is a scientific journal in the field of sociology, political science, social work, anthropology, communication, organizational culture and organizational behavior. The journal is trying to follow the latest trends, analysis and research in these areas.


The journal is published twice a year. 



Scientific Association Sociological Discourse, as an independent association of professors, scientists and researchers from the field of social sciences.

Editorial Contact information:

​Bulevar Vojvode Petra Bojovića 1A, 78 000 Banja Luka,

Bosnia and Herzegovina





Executive Editorial Board:

  • Ivan Šijaković (Chief Editor)

  • Jagoda Petrović (editor)

  • Dragana Vilić (editor)

  • Dušanka Slijepčević, MA (editor)


Editorial Board:

  • Ivan Šijaković, Professor of Sociology, University of Banja Luka (B&H)

  • Jagoda Petrović, Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Banja Luka (B&H)

  • Ronaldo P. Munck, Professor of Political Sociology/ Head of Civic Engagement, President's Office, Dublin City University (Ireland)

  • Lazo Ristić, Professor of Methodology, University of Banja Luka (B&H)

  • Stephen P. Turner, Graduate Research Professor, University of South Florida (USA)

  • Richard William Outhwaite, Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University, emeritus (UK)

  • Saša Bosančić, Goethe University (Frankfurt), Institute of Sociology, Visiting Professor (Germany)

  • Dragoljub B. Đorđević, Professor of Sociology, University of Niš (Serbia)

  • Sergej Flere,Professor of Sociology, University of Maribor, emeritus (Slovenia)

  • Gabriela Klein, Professor of Sociology, University of Hamburg (Germany)

  • Chris Baldry, Professor of Human Resources , University of Stirling, emeritus (Scotland, UK)

  • Slavo Kukić, Professor of Sociology, University of Mostar (B&H)

  • Dželal Ibraković, Professor of Sociology, University of Sarajevo (B&H)


Secretary of the Editorial Board:


Milovan Tatić (operational editor)

+387 (0) 66 421 454


ISSN 2637-2878 (Online)

ISSN 2232-867X (Print)

UDC 316(05)

Indexed in:


Kontakt/Contact us:
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